Billing Policy

When Will The Transaction Appear:

Billing for order total happens at the time of checkout. For both PayPal and Credit card payment options, once details are submitted for confirmation the account is then billed.

Why Charges Appear Before Shipping:

Until the payment method is charged it is unknown whether the payment method can be billed for the order total dollar amount. We prefer the billing method fail before we gather products, package them and incur freight charges. Once all of this is done, if the payment fails we’re at a complete loss. We appreciate your understanding.

How Will The Transaction Appear:

The billing name that appears on your statement depends on the payment method used.

Major Credit Card Payments will normally show billing from Stomp Enterprises llc though there are times when a processor or gateway will return our sister company’s name (12Volt-Travel) to the card issuer. This is a mistake in billing, but will not cause any disruption in order fulfillment.

PayPal Payments will be recorded as either Stomp Enterprises llc or,

Save Your Order Invoice/Receipt:

We ask that you please save a copy of your order receipt and or email confirmation receipt for your own records. This will also be useful if you happen to see one of the above mentioned billing names on your account statement and don’t recognize it.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our billing policy.