Cost Breakdown of N95 Masks

As you likely know, there is a worldwide shortage on any type of respirator mask, but specifically the N95 respirator type mask. They are so incredibly scarce that we are being forced to pay astronomical prices as well. On top of that we’re also paying huge amounts of money in advertising charges to get them in front of the people who need them.

Normally these masks would sell at retail for about $30 per box of ten. Normally these masks are costing retailers around around $15 per box of ten. So fair retail markup is around 50%. On clothing and jewelry the markup is much much higher which is why they can sell you a t-shirt at 70% off, give you bonus points and still remain profitable. These are normal and totally acceptable business practices.

So when you consider that we are being forced to pay 10 x the normal wholesale cost of these mask products you can understand that $18 per mask is more than fair. If you look around a bit (amazon, homedepot, walmart and even ebay) these masks are being sold for up to $300 per ten masks.

If you happen to have cases of these masks that you purchased before or after the inflated pricing and wish to sell them for $1 ea. please let us know. We will buy them from you for $1 ea and sell them for $2ea. If you can also cover the $1,400 per day advertising bill that would be great too.

Thank you for your understanding. May God bless you and your family.

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