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SAS8711 Valved N95 Aerosol Particulate Respirator – (Single Mask)

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  • Exhalation Valve
  • NIOSH N95 Particulate Respirator

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SAS Safety Corp


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Handling & Packaging: All masks are handled with care using only disinfected gloved hands. Plastic packaging is being treated with 99% isopropyl alcohol mist before inserting masks. While there is no need to disinfect package contents on arrival, we are recommending you not touch or open any mail parcel for at least 24 hours without first disinfecting it. You can do this by filling a mist capable spray bottle with 60% or higher isopropyl alcohol and saturating the box, tape and label. This of course is not medical advice. It does however follow CDC guidelines for killing the CV19 virus.


We supply NIOSH certified respiratory equipment that is regularly tested to verify that products meet high performance standards.


This SAS8711 N95 safety mask features a soft foam nose bridge pad and forms perfectly to most smaller facial structures with it’s more rounded design.


  • CDC Approved NIOSH Certified N95 Rated
  • 95% Filter efficiency level effective against particulate aerosols free of oil
  • Adjustable nose bridge with soft foam pad to provide comfort
  • Exhalation valve for cool easy breathing
  • Latex-free stapled fixed head strap
  • Time use restrictions may apply
  • Maintenance-free construction


This N95 Mask Is The Most Effective Way To Protect!

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Weight .25 lbs

5 reviews for SAS8711 Valved N95 Aerosol Particulate Respirator – (Single Mask)

  1. Shelly Baker

    I can’t say that I’ve ever had to wear a safety mask before. I can say that I do believe it’s fitting pretty well. Let’s just hope that I don’t really need to wear these shopping. I really am hopeful that we can get this virus under control. ^^Prayers^^

  2. Edward Y

    This mask fits my wife and kids perfectly but doesn’t fit my face at all. Likely more my fault than yours. I’m going to purchase the other sas brand mask you carry. Thanks for getting these to us so quicly though.

  3. Breaker19

    Looks like we got our order placed just in time. Guess these are a pretty popular item right now. They sure are here in Orange!

  4. Mirro

    Thank God You Re-Stocked! Finally got to order our masks. We might just survive this one!

  5. Jack74

    Great fitting mask. Super fast shipping. Cheers!

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